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Getting started with Pipeliner is as easy as 1,2,3

    • First step

      Register for Private Beta, have a chat with us and we will create an account for you. We will also give you a secure API key so that you can talk to Pipeliner engine.

    • Second step

      Define your data transformations - just follow [the template] and once ready upload it via CLI. We will also ask you to specify the Git location of your choice where you would like for the file to be delivered.

    • Third step

      It's time to let Pipeliner shine! Once you submitted the mapping specification, the files with ETL and infrastructure code should appear in the Git location of your choice within seconds as if by magic! Now deploy and enjoy all the time you've just saved. We'd appreciate some feedback, don't be a stranger and drop us a note!

      Join private Beta

    Imagine what your life could be if you could generate all your ETL and infrastructure code in seconds? Follow the steps below and see for yourself!

    Creating an account

    We are currently in a private Beta mode - just fill the form to register your interest and we will be back in touch shortly to arrange a quick chat! We have some capacity still available and would love to welcome you onboard - if you decide to proceed and join Beta, we will create an account for you and give you a secure API key so that you can talk to Pipeliner engine.

    Defining the transformation logic

    Follow this template to create your mapping specification. Once ready, upload it via CLI using /submit command. You will also need to specify where in Git you would like the files to be posted - read more about generating Git token here.

    Hint: you can also use /validate to make sure that your specification is in a top shape!

    The additional features that you can specify within the Mapping Specification are partitions and tags. Essentially, the Mapping Specification holds the meta data about your data structures eliminating the need for Pipeliner to have direct access to any of your data ever - unlike any of the typical data management platforms.

    Generating the code

    /init - configures CLI
    /submit - submits the Mapping Specification to the Pipeliner engine to generate code
    /validate - validates your Mapping Spec without generating code

    Deploying the code

    We will deliver the code to the GitHub repository you specify in the submit command. The code is fully editable and can be deployed straight away.

    Automated end-to end data pipeline creation

    Need a helping hand?

    Just drop us a note and we will be back in touch in no time!


    Don’t be a stranger! We’d love to show you what Pipeliner can do - just leave your details and we will be back in touch in no time!